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a1-envirosciences provide analytical instruments for elemental and trace analysis of Mercury, Sulphur, Nitrogen, Sulphur and Halogens, Total Organic Carbon, Karl-Fischer analysers, Titration, Bespoke Automation and Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) analysis or sample preparation. More specifically we can help you to solve your problems:

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The analysis of petroleum and its derivatives requires systems that complie with a large number of standard methodologies. As a leading supplier of analytical instrumentation for the petrochemical sector, we are able to offer long standing application knowledge in the quality control of petroleum products. 


The chemical industry is central to the worlds economy converting its raw materials into intermediary and finished products. The range of analytical testing required for the process monitoring, quality control and the environmental impact of manufacturing often requires a broad range of techniques.


Protection of the environment and our well-being requires continual changes and updates to legislation and the requirement to routinely test a wide range of samples. Estabilshed for over 25 years we have been at the forefront of the supply and support of a wide range of automated analysers in the UK and Irish environmental sector. This has directly led to the new range of high throughput TitraFAST bench-top automated water and soil analysers.


No area of analysis is more controlled and regulated than the pharmaceutical industry. We have been working within the pharmaceutical industry for over 25 years in the area of titration, elemental analysis and laboratory automation. Most systems have CFR compliant software and IQ/OQ packages suitable for most applications. Our application knowledge, customer focus and confidentiality means that we can provide the complete package to the pharmaceutical & healthcare sector.

Service & Support - Experience & Expertise you can count on

We have over 40 years experience supporting the scientific community. Our service & support division has acquired an unrivalled blend of technical expertise and market knowledge. With a range of innovative customer service products we can ensure the best possible return on your original purchase. All our UK based experienced service team can cater for all your instrumentation requirements, from the day of receipt through its lifetime maintenance. Our fast response warranty cover gives you complete assurance of minimum downtime should you have any queries or problems. We offer range of Service Care Contract, to meet your requirements, including verification, calibration and preventive maintenance guarantees ongoing support. Whether you need support for your Elemental, Moisture, TOC, Automation or Safe Weighing Enclosures and Containment Solutions we are here to assist. 

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