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Exeter Analytical - Accurate and safe way to determine Halogens, Sulphur, Phosphorus content

November 19th 2018

November 2018

The Oxygen Flask Combustion Unit (OFCU) from Exeter Analytical, provides a highly safe tool for preparing samples for elemental analysis of Halogens, Sulphur, Phosphorus and a number of metals using the Schöniger flask method.

The Schöniger flask method is a well-proven technique for combusting samples prior to elemental analysis by Ion Chromatography or Titration. The Schöniger flask method using the attractively priced OFCU-1 is capable of being used for repeatable determination of elemental composition from percentage levels to parts per million.

The durably constructed Oxygen Flask Combustion Unit (OFCU-1) copes easily with a wide range of sample types and is very simple to set up, use and maintain. Built with operator safety in mind, the OFCU-1 remotely ignites samples inside a safety interlocked chamber using focused infrared heat from two tungsten-halogen lamps. Integral pressure vents ensure safe release of excess reaction pressure. A thick black acrylic observation window is provided on the OFCU-1 to allow users to visually check ignition has taken place.

Further information visit http://www.exeteranalytical.co.uk/oxygen-flask-combustion-unit/ or contact Exeter Analytical on +44-(0)2476-323223 / +1-978-251-1411 / info@exeteranalytical.co.uk


Exeter Analytical is a company dedicated to elemental microanalysis for over 25 years. Our expertise and experience with instruments, consumables and supplies has allowed us to better understand all issues facing microanalysts. Consequently, whether you are a regular or an occasional purchaser, experienced and knowledgeable staff is always available to provide technical advice.  


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