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Exeter Analytical Incorporating Warwick Analytical Service

From their state-of-the-art facilities in Coventry, Exeter Analytical provide quality elemental testing services to a range of industries from pharmaceutical and cosmetic to environmental. With UKAS ISO17025 and BSI ISO9001 accreditation the company is considered a market leader in quality control testing. The team posess extensive knowledge across a broad range of elemental analysis techniques.







Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen Analysis

Exeter Analytical is committed to providing reliable and accurate CHN analysis. With the use of our CE440 Elemental analyser we have built an exceptional reputation by providing customers with expert knowledge and unparalleled accuracy at highly competitive rates.

Exeter Analytical understands your needs, whether you are a looking for bulk or single analysis. Not only are the team able to test organics to determine their purity, we are also able to test inorganics to eliminate possible contamination. We are capable of adapting our methods and changing parameters to suit your requirements.

Metals analysis

Exeter Analytical is able to provide fast and effective analysis of metals across various industries using ICP-OES analysis. Our UKAS accredited laboratory holds digestion facilities enabling us to tackle even the most difficult of samples. With a dual-view ICP-OES spectrometer we are able to provide accurate analysis across a range of concentrations, from trace to high level.

Chlorine Analysis

Our UKAS accredited procedure uses Cheng’s method for Chlorine analysis with variations incorporated into the method for samples containing Metals, Fluorine, Phosphorus, Bromine and Iodine. Samples are combusted using Sodium Hydroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide and, after standing, propanol is added and further titrated with Mercuric Nitrate solution using Diphenylcarbazone indicator.

Bromine Testing

Using the Hypochlorite Amplification method our in-house Bromine analysis has been developed to analyse a wide range of samples at high and low levels. With modifications for interference, our method allows accurate analysis of Bromine in the most complex of samples.

Additional Elemental Analysis Services







Other Analytical Services

Optical Rotation

Optical Rotation is measured on a Perkin Elmer 341 Polarimeter. This high-resolution instrument has an accuracy of ±0.0020. The rotation can be measured at 5 wavelengths, 589nm, 578nm, 546nm, 436nm and 365nm and the Polarimeter cell is temperature controlled with a Peltier unit, normally operated at 25°C.

NMR Analysis

Mass Spectrometry


Thermal Analysis


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